Vishay Ethics

To Our Employees, Customers, Suppliers, and Subcontractors
Maintaining ethical business practices is the highest priority at Vishay. Our firm commitment to ethical business practices guides all activities by Vishay personnel, both internally and in interactions with Vishay's customers, suppliers, and subcontractors. Vishay, as a Company, encourages and relies upon the integrity of all parties, both inside and outside Vishay.

We amended and restated our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics on August 22, 2017 to make it more user friendly. While the amended and restated Code generally contains the same material provisions and addresses the same topics as our prior Code, the amended and restated Code provides a general update and now specifically addresses the use of social media, data privacy requirements and the proper use of the company’s e‐mail system. We encourage you to read the amended and restated Code in full.
Vishay Ethics: Code of Conduct
If you are aware of any improper, unethical, or illegal activities involving Vishay, or if you have any questions about Vishay's Corporate Ethics Program, we strongly encourage you to contact the appropriate person listed below.
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